Hotel & Accommodation Amenities

If you are shopping around for the ideal hotel, after the price and the location, the amenities and facilities are probably the most important thing to you, for example a restaurant in gloucester. If you are looking for an inexpensive hotel room and you simply want a clean, comfortable and affordable place to sleep for a night, the amenities may not be that important to you, although the UK's star hotel star rating system is largely based on the facilities and amenities offered. 

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Basic Amenities 

Whether you are looking for hotels in gloucester, or trying to book a room in other area of the UK, some amenities you simply take for granted. Your room should have a phone and television, as well as a bath and shower. Most hotels have shampoo, toothpaste and other essential toiletries, either in the bathroom or available at reception. A bar and restaurant are considered essential by most travelers, along with plenty of safe and secure parking. Alarm calls are available at even the cheapest hotel, although you may have to pay more for your room to enjoy room service. Non smoking rooms in hotels are standard throughout the industry.

Optional or Extra Amenities

Some more expensive hotels offer extra services that you may or may not need, but allowing them to raise the cost of their rooms. Concierge service is offered at most top hotels, and can be useful for any traveler looking for theatre tickets, a restaurant table booking, or recommendations on shopping. Some hotels have a tour or travel desk as well, and offer valet parking, or even the use of a chauffeur driven car. Baby sitting service, air conditioning, laundry service, a fitness centre or spa, luggage storage, multi-lingual staff, and free newspapers are all amenities that you may want to pay more for. 

Travelling On Business

However, if you are travelling on business, you may be looking for a hotel that has a business centre open around the clock, allowing you to work away from the office. Many larger hotels aimed at the business traveler have meeting or conference rooms of different sizes available, and of course, free Wi-Fi is a must for anyone planning to work in their room or hotel public area. And if you are pressed for time, you may want to choose a hotel that offers early check in or late check out, allowing you to make the most of your time and get as much work done as possible.